You have probably guessed that I was certainly no fan of Barack Hussein Obama as president of the United States of America but these days, he’s looking like the last decent leader this country will ever see. That said, his healthcare bill was an overreach of government and pretty staunchly anti-libertarian. Why. On. Earth. Should the government be tasked with ensuring its citizens receive healthcare?! This is a SOCIAL issue, not a POLITICAL issue. That said, Obama seemed to be coming from a place of caring about people receiving healthcare, which is a hard fucking position with which to argue in the current state of the country where our elected officials are clearly coming from a place of caring about the money they could receive from citizens receiving healthcare.


These fucking vultures. Almost literally feasting on the carcasses of their constituents.


We’ve reached a point where the *real* news is trumping the *fake* news in its complete and utter bullshittery and what-the-fuckery. As citizens, we’ve learned in the last election cycle to pay damn attention, now we need to find ways to continue paying attention and participating in the ongoing politics of our fucked up nation. So, take a minute, contact your local elected official, and let them know if you have any strong feelings (good OR bad) about AHCA.


Text RESIST to 50409 to do this in a super easy way! Yes, we need to find inventive ways to keep the government out of our lives, but we need to dismantle this shitshow first, comrades.