Harry Potter

Of course some of you are Harry Potter fans, you read the books in middle school, you waited in line for the movies, it was an exciting time to be aware of books and literature and magic.  But that series was really a foretelling of how terrible things could become.  When a man of evil slowly climbs the ranks and gains supporters, validates evils, allows people to say and do the unthinkable, things happen by which we pretend to be surprised.

Of course it’s not surprising that the KKK and white neo-nazi groups have become more bombastic in the last year! We had a presidential candidate who ran on a platform of hatred and exclusiveness. Is Trump a Nazi? No more than Hillary Clinton is a liberal. But, he allowed a dialogue that was previously resigned to meetings and gatherings to find a national stage. So while Donald J. Trump will almost certainly not shoot up any mosques in the next four years, there will certainly be dozens or hundreds who do so because they feel validated by what they’ve read and/or heard about their president-elect.

And this is a long long time coming. This has been brewing in neglected pockets of the country for literal centuries. But now that the most nonsense of news can become public, respected, read, and respected (again) those with these belief systems have a place to touch down with their conspirators.

Bretibart media didn’t need a way to BREAK INTO THE MAINSTREAM but because they supported anti-freedom and anti-american sentiments for decades without ever being adequately fact-checked, they’re now able to function as a legitimate news sourced based solely on the idea that their legitimacy as a news source was never questioned in the first place. And those Americans who read 3-5 headlines from the past fifteen years under the guise of transparency and honest reporting suddenly feel like, “Hm I may have agreed with that story that I’ve only read 15% of!” and in response to that manufactured feeling of negligence, suddenly feel like they’ve been neglected for the past fifteen years.

Enter whichever presidential candidate funding these fake news stories so that you can feel like finally you have A CHAMPION to represent you and fight against BIG GOV’MINT so that you get what you’re due from all of those years that you didn’t know you were being neglected but you probably were due to some fake news stories planted for the sole purpose of making you feel that way.

You’re better thatn that. I’m better than that. We’re all better than that.

Make America Great Again by indulging in news and current events stories that have been vetted and fact-checked by an app with no political leanings and no government buy-outs and no lobbyists and no fucking politicians sexually harassing your respectable employees and reporters.