To a common man, a guy on the street, a coworker, my son – lawyering up is a good way to defend yourself or your actions in a situation where it’s being attacked for being unlawful. Whether or not you meant to be unlawful is secondary to the notion that every person on trial deserves representation – the legal system in this country was designed to be too complicated for any citizen to use. This is why millions and millions of non-criminals are in prisons across the nation.


The law works against the poor and lawyers oft tend to be complicit.


There are certainly lawyers acting today, like James Wetzel at and some of them even turn a profit. There are defense attorneys who basically volunteer to ensure that the legal system doesn’t fuck the innocent (or the guilty) TOO thoroughly. God bless these individuals.


That said, our acting *president* will be impeached and then he will have access to literal billions of dollars to pay off lawyers to ensure that he is never held accountable for his treasonous actions. And as citizens, what is our recourse in this process?


We have none. But dissent should be frequent, vocal, and furious, start building up momentum, this is a fight we will be in for many many years to come and it is not one that will ever be truly “won.” But you want to be sure that your dissent is documented for the fallout, good people.