Marijuana Laws

I honestly am posting this one in pure mystery. Who. On. Earth. Decided that a plant that grows from the earth is more dangerous than a liquid that goes through months and months of processing to become an inebriant? This is another example of the American government placing its concern in a place so far removed from the important subject matter that the citizens cannot help but be distracted.   Whether being used to treat a valid medical ailment, to party harder and giggle more, or to ease the pain of dying in modern life – marijuana is treated as an illicit substances in the majority of American states.

In an era plagued by “islamic terrorism” and domestic terrorists shooting up schools and churches and bowling alleys in unmatched numbers, somehow we still maintain a Reagan-era racist propaganda idea of the “war on drugs.”  First of all, let me state plainly that the “war on drugs” was a less successful attempt to incarcerate and criminalize black Americans than mass incarceration (which still continues today).

If the most dangerous effect of a drug is being caught with it, something is wrong.

Sure, there are valuable considerations in the world of marijuana laws. One should probably not drive when under the influence of any mind-altering plants, including marijuana.  One should be careful not to carry or consume a mind-altering substance in the company of those opposed to its use. It should probably not be readily available to children.  Of course there need to be regulations regarding the use of mind-altering plants, just as there are regulations regarding the use of tobacco or alcohol.  To criminalize the use of such plants further is arbitrary, needless, and without impactful consequence unless the intended consequence was to criminalize the actions of those already at a socio-economic disadvantage just by being of their own demographic.

I’m not going to work harder to sell you on it, just go google the health effects of cannibadiol compared to the psychotropic effects of tetrahydrocannabinol. To try to convince you that the former outweighs the latter is beneath all of us.

This is another example of the government and media trying to distract you from important information so that they can continue to benefit financially from the criminalization of behavior required of citizens!