The Pizza Conspiracy

Of course the lefty liberals want this pizza story to go away! It proves what all of us good god-fearin’ Americans have known for decades: The Clintons are bad people involved in bad things and we should stop rewarding them dollars and power positions in spite of it.

Basically, spineless Podesta and his puppets in the Clinton family have been conducting satanic sex rituals on young boys over pizza in the basement of this pizza spot in DC. This was PROVEN in the wikileaks that the godless liberals refuse to even read. Sure, this rumor was started by white supremacists and encouraged by creepy Reddit users, but that doesn’t invalidate it. John Podesta’s emails tied a bunch of pizza spots and the members of the godless Democratic Party to this child sex ring. Of course Snopes has “debunked” this rumor. They’re run by the mainstream lefty media.

Now, certainly it’s sad that some redneck busted into this pizza spot and started shooting it up but at least it brought some attention to this embarrassingly under-covered story that deserves mainstream coverage. Nobody was even injured in the “shooting” but since the lefties wanna take our damn guns away – OF COURSE THEY FOCUS ON THE WEAPON AT HAND. But what did this do: it simply brought mainstream media coverage to the prevalence of “Fake News” which really only serves the purpose of making these bullshit “news” entities seem like elite, truth-seeking, good guys.

Well I can tell ya one thing: they aint the good guys.

Ok now if you believed anything written above, please keep in mind that any idiot in America can start a blog, link it to fake sources, and lend fake substantiation to outrageous allegations and seem like they might be on to something.  The Clintons are not involved in a sex trafficking ring. The wikileaks proved barely anything about the good or bad of the Clintons that wasn’t already publicly known. And if you believed any of this nonsense during the election, you got got. By whom doesn’t matter. You were had and our country is more dangerous than ever because of your inability to discern between legitimate news and that cultivated simply to evoke a response from you: like voting one away or the other.