The App

An app designed to determine between real news (by reviewing sources, monitoring authorship, and automated fact-checking) and fake news (by reviewing the same things and testing for legitimacy of language) would likely prevent our society from having an utter collapse. I know of one excellent ios app developer who might be interested. Does anyone know of any others?

This is bigger than just who is president. This is creating a palpable rift in our society between the classes, the parties, and the citizens. Do you know what kind of citizens are the easiest to conquer? THE DIVIDED.  We need to work harder as a society to ensure that we’re using the vast resources available to us to do good rather than to drown us.

Whether you supported Trump or Clinton or Sanders or Stein in this election, you were being manipulated by the media because our governmental regulations and society have yet to catch up to the speed at which information – true or false – can travel between people. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, FoxNews or MSNBC, there are too few regulatory bodies ensuring that the citizens are receiving factual news.  And the responsibility is not on the regulatory bodies (although in time, I hope it will become so) it is on the citizens to seek out quality, researched, and true news before attempting to make truly informed decisions.

Until regulatory bodies and governmental interference does this for us, let’s be a bit libertarian and do it ourselves with fact-checking, news reviewing apps and common sense.