Who Benefits?!

Ok so who benefits from fake news? Or real news? Pretty much all the same people. It’s the people who are holding your freedoms, your country, your heritage at a ransom for your apathy. The less you care, the more they can do whatever they want which results in dollars from lobbyists and corporations. And that’s ok, it’s not your job to monitor and police the government, well it shouldn’t be your job. But the longer it’s been the responsibility of the government to monitor the government, the longer the government has gotten away with shoddy deals that benefit the billionaires and leave the American People disadvantaged and in millions of cases disenfranchised.

For ever deal the government passes benefiting the oil industry (The Pipeline) or the tobacco industry  (Philip Morris, R.J. Reynolds) or guns (NRA), you – the American Citizens – are losing or gaining rights based on your BELIEFS rather than FACTS about what makes American great or safe or prosperous or beautiful.

Whatever adjective you use to describe why America is valuable to you, this is under political scrutiny at every moment of your life. If you’re a woman – your inherent reproductive rights and abilities are now political.  If you’re an African American, you’re supposed to feel lucky for your forced immigration and any rights on top of that are supposed to be gravy. If you’re a recent immigrant, you’re supposed to be trifold more contributive to any natural-born citizen to earn your rights to live here – on top of your ability to pass the immigration exam that NO NATURAL BORN AMERICAN COULD PASS.

By definition, 90% of Americans are “vulnerable” in some way and this is another reason that a fake news app could be beneficial to everyone. A fake news story placing White American at blame for the strife of Black Americans when the real burden of guilt lies upon the government either blames or victimizes everyone except the actual culprit (WHITE AMERICA).  A fake news story about immigrant terrorists negates all of the work done by the American people to offer sanctuary to immigrants and refugees for the last several centuries and makes us more for target for international terrorism. The fake news stories about Clinton and Trump and Sanders and Stein places al of us at a disadvantage because POLITICS are just a distraction from GOVERNEMENT.

POLITICS and GOVERNMENT are two very very different entities in 2016 America.