Why Should You Read Billy Bob’s Blog?

I’m Garry, not Billy Bob. I don’t have a ton of time to get into it here but here are the major details: I’m 55 years old, I just got Facebook and started sharing articles and my niece told me I needed to watch out for FAKE NEWS because she’s a bleeding heart liberal who doesn’t understand that sometimes real news is scarier than fake news and that I am sharing what I see. If it’s fake, then why is it on Facebook in the first place!!

But anyway, she wants to develop some sort of smart phone application thing to help discern between real news and fake news but who watches the people making these decisions? I mean, I know that Hilary Crooked Clinton would spend billions to ensure that her REAL NEWS is disguised while FAKE NEWS is out there making her look like a goddamned America SHERO.

First of all, I’m no woman-hater. I’ve met dozens of them and seen at least five naked and I’m into it! But should women be LEADING THE FREE WORLD? Hell NO! And anyone who disagrees with me has clearly never been in an argument with a bleedin’ woman!

But my sister, Angie told me I gotta stop getting into public fights on social media with her lefty liberal kids so I’m gonna get into it here because the state of America must be NOTED so that when it all gets washed away, at least I tried!